Technologies that we have applied for business benefits include: 

  • Agile development methods such as rapid prototyping yielding far greater speed, fit, and quality in developed software
  • Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud computing providing a jump start and rapid results to projects along with a positive impact on environmental sustainability
  • Advanced Business Intelligence and Reporting including analytics and XML publishing leading to better insight of customers and operations
  • Modeling and design of database objects providing data quality improvements and accurate organization visibility.
  • Deployment of leading edge solutions such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities, allowing business processes to be instantiated and modified with more flexibility
  • Implementation and upgrade services for major ERP and COTS systems such as the Oracle e-business suite


Our approach to all of these projects is to gain understanding of your needs and objectives. Once prioritized objectives are well thought out, a blueprint can be developed along with business cases, impact assessments project plans, and required resource commitments. Through this analysis, a best course of action is often revealed from the pros and cons of competing solution alternatives. With the development of working practical business processes that are supported by your organizational preparation, we can streamline operations together. Often this process is supported with either software configuration or development of tailored solutions to your specifications.