ProjectBits hosts GBA Blockchain node

ProjectBits Consulting

through association with the Government Blockchain Association is pleased to announce it is the latest organization to provide a node for the Government Blockchain Business Platform (GBBP)

The Government Business Blockchain Platform (GBBP) is a blockchain-interconnection fabric that allows blockchain-based services to be provided across numerous blockchain and non-blockchain platforms. It features a cross-blockchain utility token that allows value to be transmitted throughout the system to enable the inclusion of paid services. The Hub blockchain is the Proof-of-Authority Ethereum-based Hyperledger Besu from the Linux Foundation  and we are attaching new blockchains and new systems every month. The GBBP also hosts the GBA Reward token and numerous GBA DApps and will eventually serve as the basis for the Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) that the GBA is evolving into.

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