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How we can help

ProjectBits Consulting helps your mission focus with change management implementation services for secure modernization.  Many organizations like yours are initiating post-Covid19 projects to modernize or digitally transform. We believe that the most important, and often unnoticed, part of this journey is your people. By utilizing scientifically proven change management to prepare, we make sure your modernization program has the right ingredients for success.

We start with people-oriented change tools.  These include project management (planning and execution) and task definition.  Next, we design your change management objectives, desired results, and program governance.  This helps your team realize your future vision.  When any of these key ingredients are lacking, our experience tells us that your challenges can explode. 

Our communication and training methods prepare your workforce for the future. Our quality consultants certified in the ProSci ADKAR change management steps will support your needs.  We design collaboration experiences and enable data tracking of your team’s progress along this journey.  It is critical to translate your vision to operational capabilities.  This allows your people to embrace the modernized systems and processes for success.