Government Blockchain Association Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth Event

It is coming!

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Join Government Blockchain Leaders from around the world to connect, communicate, and collaborate on May 25-27 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.


Held live at the historic Mayflower Hotel, this HYBRID event will showcase how blockchain can be used to protect the environment, provide secure and self-sovereign ID, advance healthcare systems, and foster economic growth. #BC&SEG promises to bring 3 days of impact, all with a sustainable focus so that we can let 1,000 flowers bloom.

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There will also be an Innovation Showcase on Wednesday for businesses to present and showcase their blockchain projects. A Job Fair, Pitch Competitions, and impactful Keynote Speakers will make this an impactful conference you won’t soon forget.

A private, invitation-only Government VIP Reception will be hosted on Thursday evening, May 26. Government representation from around the country and around the world will be invited to discuss how blockchain can be utilized to benefit their city, state, and nation. This event will not be open to the general public, however, limited sponsorship opportunities for blockchain companies are available.

And be sure to take advantage of the rich networking opportunities at the Inventors & Pioneers Reception on Friday night, May 27. Government leaders and blockchain newsmakers will meet on the rooftop of Capitol View 400 for the deals of the next Industrial Revolution.

Description: Join the ACT-IAC Emerging Technology COI hear from the Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group

Looking forward to our meeting to discuss IoT, Intelligent Communities, and Blockchain at the ACT-IAC Monthly Emerging Tech Meeting

It’s almost here! Join us on 5/17 (Tuesday) from 10 AM to 11:30 AM to learn more about “Internet of Things: How Computer and Digital Technology Plugs Into the Physical World”.

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Featured Speakers
Michael Berkholtz, IoT Government Co-Chair
Pete Tseronis, IoT Industry Co-Chair
Don Lovett, IoT Industry Co-Chair

Hear from ACT-IAC’s Emerging Technology Community of Interest’s IoT working group on:
– The new Federal IoT working group and how the government is acquiring IoT today;
– The role of IoT in energy and critical infrastructure; and
– How emerging technologies, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are, are enabling IoT in a connected world.

We look forward to seeing you there!


ProjectBits hosts GBA Blockchain node

ProjectBits Consulting

through association with the Government Blockchain Association is pleased to announce it is the latest organization to provide a node for the Government Blockchain Business Platform (GBBP)

The Government Business Blockchain Platform (GBBP) is a blockchain-interconnection fabric that allows blockchain-based services to be provided across numerous blockchain and non-blockchain platforms. It features a cross-blockchain utility token that allows value to be transmitted throughout the system to enable the inclusion of paid services. The Hub blockchain is the Proof-of-Authority Ethereum-based Hyperledger Besu from the Linux Foundation  and we are attaching new blockchains and new systems every month. The GBBP also hosts the GBA Reward token and numerous GBA DApps and will eventually serve as the basis for the Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) that the GBA is evolving into.

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Comm Tools for Project Management

One of the challenges of managing a project is to make sure that everyone is in sync. This can be accomplished with a variety of communications tools. With the increased use of virtual collaboration tools, the challenges have changed. Here are some ideas to help get the most impact from your communication efforts.
Ask yourself the question – How do I prefer to be messaged?
Understanding someone’s message preference is the first step to helping people feel respected and valued.